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Solus Per Aqua, or "health through water," gave rise to the term spa, originating from the healing traditions of the ancient Romans. As the Roman Empire stretched across Europe, hot springs became vital sanctuaries of healing for both the people and armies of the era. Mineral-rich pools dotted the landscape, drawing emperors and royalty who prized their ability to rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit. Waters abundant in magnesium and bicarbonate provided relief to the war-weary soldiers of the Roman army. Many of these historic bathhouses still stand today, welcoming modern travelers to experience their medicinal properties. So, arm yourself with curiosity, shed the trappings of modernity, and immerse yourself in the ancient minerals, finding your own Solus Per Aqua.

Natural Minerals: Calcium, Bicarbonate, Magnesium, Sulfate, Chloride, Sodium, Manganese, Selenium & 83 Trace Minerals.

Bath Soaks are designed for convenient at-home use, each skin-safe bathtub soak comprises two 50-gallon treatments, treating a total of 100 gallons of water. Gentle on your plumbing and septic system, our goal is to deliver natural relief straight from Mother Nature's therapeutic embrace.

Hot Tub Soaks treats up to 400 gallons of water and is safe for your hot tub lining, jets, and filters, and is plumbing and septic system safe. With regular use, this product will last approximately three months in your hot tub.  We recommend pairing with the Mineral Booster, which should be added about a month and a half after the soak.